Digital Design, Photography & Fine Art

Melinda Brezmen Design Studio is a one-stop design studio for all your design, photography, and fine art needs. With expertise in digital design, photography, and illustration, Melinda offers a comprehensive range of services to help clients create and promote their brand. From logo development and marketing materials to professional photography and fine art, Melinda is equipped to handle all your design needs in a professional and timely manner.


Melinda Brezmen design studio is a Perth based graphic design/photography and illustration studio specialising in the creation of unique brand identities for large corporates, small businesses, and individual products & services.  Melinda can provide expertise in logo development and supporting communication tools such as marketing brochures, corporate stationery, newsletters, web page design and social media. She also provides a professional photographic service. From portrait sessions to product showcasing.

Melinda likes to work closely with her clients to ensure she can understand their needs, values and target audience.  Melinda applies this detailed understanding to the development of a visual identity and the design of materials that represent the client’s core values and that communicate to their target audience exactly who they are. Helping to engage and connect with stakeholders and achieve objectives.


Melinda knows how important your brand is to your corporate strategy.

A strong brand stands out in the marketplace, residing in the minds of your stakeholders including customers, shareholders, clients, and staff. First impressions count and need to be memorable.

In an extremely competitive climate, a strong brand is invaluable in making you stand out amongst the masses.

Melinda will ensure she creates an identity that resonates with your target audience and supports and enhances your desired corporate image.  Creating that ever-important first impression but we will also create an impression that lasts.

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Hi, thank you for visiting my site, with over 20 years of design experience I am confident I can offer a trustworthy and quality service. I like to create foundational pieces for my clients’ marketing communication and I am dedicated to delivering fresh and creative ideas. I have a passion for my work and I am commitment to delivering a professional service that is on time, I am ready to help you with your next design.

Eager to hear from you.

Brand Development. Realise, visualise & materialise

Working closely with the client through a discovery process to understand the why, the true purpose and define the values.